Using the Alt - HEX Terminal Feature

The "caret ^" is an interesting EBCDIC character. In multinational, it appears at location 5F and in US/Canada it is location B0. International users will need to confirm its location with their particular language table.

To use the "Alt-Hex" function on an IBM keyboard, in the US/Canada SSP where the "^" is at location B0:

1. While holding down the "ALT" Key, Press the "HEX" key.
2. Press the "B" key.
3. Press the "0" key.

By entering the ALT-HEX mode, the system knows that the next two keys pressed will be the two digit HEX encoding of the desired character.

On standard 102 key keyboards, the "ALT" is on either side of the space bar. The "HEX" key is the "F7" key and should have HEX written on the front side of the keycap to alert you to that fact. On Standard 122 key keyboards, the "ALT" is also on the either side of the space bar, but the "HEX" key is the "HELP" key directly to the left of the uppercase lock key. It should also have HEX written on the front side of the keycap.

The terminal, if it is any good will display the "^" as terminals can and should display all 192 EBCDIC characters.