Creating a Unicode Test Label Format using Notepad


1. Verify your Unicode Font has been loaded into printer memory and assigned a numeric or alpha designator. Read More>>

Our example will assume the Swiss 721 font is installed in the printer and assigned "Z" as the font designator.

2. Verify your font has been loaded into the Windows Font directory. (i.e.You should have the Swiss 721 selection as one of your available fonts for the Windows applications.)

3. Open Notepad and under the Menu Item "Format" select Font

4. Select the font you wish to use for your ZPL script. Here we are selecting the Swiss 721 Font


5. In Notepad create your ZPL script to include the fields and commands required. If you require specific characters that are not on your keyboard you will have to select them from the font set as follows.

Adding characters from the Windows Character Map

A. Locate the Character Map in Windows under System.

B. Select the Font you are intending to use for printing.

C. Locate the character(s) you wish to use by scrolling through the character list.

D. Select the characters in the order you want them displayed.

E. When completed select Copy and paste the characters into the ZPL data field in Notepad.

Note: Note: ^CI28 = UTF-8, ^CI29 = Big Endian, ^CI30 = Little Endian

6. Save the file using the desired Encoding. Our example uses UTF-8

Note: ^CI28 = UTF-8, ^CI29 = Big Endian, ^CI30 = Unicode (Little Endian)

7. Send the file using the Send File Feature of the Zebra Setup Utility or other direct file communication method.

This label will be printed.