List Font Methods on a Zebra Printer (Verifying fonts are present on your printer)

There are several methods that can be used to verify downloaded fonts on a Zebra Printer.

  • LCD Display LIST FONTS - This prints the printer fonts on a label(s)
  • Printer Web Page Directory Listing. - Displays the objects in a browser window
  • Zebra Setup Utility Communication Window - Allows use of the ^HW directory listing feature.


LCD Display

If your printer has an LCD Display that presents a LIST FONTS Menu Item a font list can be printed. Check your User Guide for details.


Using the Printer Web Page

The printer's Web Page can be used to list the items in printer memory.

1. Enter the printer's IP address in the browser address field.

2. The directory is listed showing the fonts that are downloaded in E: Flash memory.


Using the ZSU Communications Window.

The Zebra Setup Utility can be used to send the HW command and return the contents of a memory location.

HW command details Read More>>

Using the Zebra Setup Utility Communications Window details. Read More>>

1. Enter the following ZPL command string to return the E: Flash memory contents


2. The lower window will display the contents of the memory location.

Letter/Numeric font assignment.

Once the font is downloaded it will need to have a letter of number value assigned to be used in the ZPL format for printing. This letter or number can be viewed as in the above listing. (the "1" to the right of the above highlighted list item is an example)

The CW command is used to assign the font letter number designation. Here are details. Read More>>