Getting Asian Font capabilities if you do not have enough memory on your printer for Andale Options

Asian bitmap font sets are downloaded into the printer by the user or integrator. The ZPL fonts are purchased separately from the printer.  

Click this link for more information on Bitmap Fonts for printers with insufficient space for the recommended Andale fonts.

The bitmap Asian font pack (PN# 77840 for 203dpi) for example, is a single font pack with font files for four languages, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The Simplified Chinese font file (FNT) is just under 600KB, so it will fit into standard memory printer.

In terms of Andale vs. Bitmap font:

-        Single Andale font is able to support multiple languages while a single bitmap font is only able to support one Asian language and English.

-        Shape of the printed characters will look smoother with Andale font when compared to bitmap.

-        File size differences.