Characters available in the Andale font pack and which font to choose

In most cases, customer will need just one Andale font for multiple languages.  The Andale font to choose depends on which characters you are printing and for what region.  Each Andale font has characters from many different languages but the shaping can be different.  You will want to know from whom you are producing the labels, what is acceptable in order to make a choice.  Each Andale font is more than 20 mb so for any Zebra ZPL printer to use an Andale font it must have a 64 mb flash board option with sufficient space available.  Print a Configuration label and a font list from your Zebra printer to determine how much E: flash memory your printer has and how much is available. 

For older printers that do not have enough memory to support an Andale font there are also smaller Asian bitmap fonts available.  They are not as easy to use andů

-       A single Andale font is able to support multiple languages while a single bitmap font is only able to support one Asian language and English.

-      Shape of the printed characters will look smoother with Andale font when compared to bitmap.



Once you have an Andale Font, use the Character Map from your Windows operating system to view available languages and the sets of characters available for each.   With so many supported languages and characters, there is no documentation available with printed samples of all characters.  The Character Map utility is a very good option to use to view the available characters and languages.


You can type a language name in the "Search for:" option in Character Map.  If the language is available, Character Map will display a subset with only the characters for that language.