Downloading a PCX Graphic using EPL

Use the following steps for downloading a PCX graphic file to a printer with a flash (nonvolatile) memory card installed with DOS operating system commands. This procedure may also be done from within a MSDOS window from a Windows® operating system. See the M, EI, FI, GI & U commands to manage the printer's memory.

  1. Generate the PCX graphic file with the following considerations:
  2. Type DIR *.PCX at the DOS prompt (example C:>), in the disk/directory that the PCX graphic file is stored in. Read and record the file size for the file(s) to be downloaded.

Record file size as: 1908

  1. Generate a program (ASCII text) file for each PCX graphic file to be downloaded. (This is configuring the printer to accept the graphic download.)

    Example - 

    GK"ZEBHEAD"  - This removes any previous download (Quotes are required)
    - This sets the name and block size for the download (Quotes are required)      

    Note: Place your curser after the last numeric digit in the file name data and assure you delete any following characters such as line feeds or carriage returns. For example, in the above, place the curser after 1908 and press "Delete" several times.

    Save the file as a 1-8 character file name and include a .TXT extension. Always save files in ASCII text format.

    Example: zebhead.txt

  2. Verify that printer has memory available to download the graphics. See the M, FI, GI & U commands to verify and manage the printer's memory.
  3. Use the DOS COPY command to download the text and graphic files to printer memory. (The /B sets the download to binary)

    Example: COPY zebhead.txt + zebhead.pcx /B LPT1
  4. Repeat process for each PCX graphic.
  5. You can send the GI command to assure the graphic has successfully downloaded. See the EPL manual for details.
  6. To print the logo, use the GG command to recall and print the logo.


    Save the file as a 1-8 character file name and include a .TXT extension.

    Example: label.txt
  7. Use the DOS COPY command to send this file to the printer.
  8. The Zebra Logo should print on your label.

The files used in this example are available for download here:


zebhead.exe for self extracting version