Title: Switching from Line Mode to Page Mode


Methods to change printers from Line Mode to Page Mode


Present alternate methods for switching from Line Mode to Page mode on printers that support the option.

Facts or Affected Items: 

LP/TLP2722, LP2443, LP2824, LP2844


Firmware version 4.39. If the version used includes the RSS/Datamatrix barcode, Line mode will not be supported and this document will not apply.


There are at least three methods to change from Line Mode to Page mode on above printers. Method one below is preferred but two options are available should there be issues with method one.

  1. Preferred method. This method can be preformed on printer power up using the feed key as a toggle between modes.
  2. Alternate method. This method can be used if customer wishes to use EPL1 commands to change mode. This method is more difficult and requires some advanced PC knowledge.
  3. Application method. This method uses a small application to change the printer from Line Mode to Page Mode. The user must have the ability to download the application and execute it on the PC.

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Date Updated:  11/30/2004 04:27:21 PM