Converting and Downloading Fonts

Using Font Downloader for EPL printers:

The Font Downloader has been designed to simplify the process converting True Type Fonts into soft fonts and downloading them into EPL2 based printers. The user-friendly interface allows the user to take full control of each character in the font and load the printer's memory with only what is desired. The font options also help to increase the customization of the fonts and their characters.

Open the Font Downloader program and you will see the setup dialog box with the Characters tab selected.  You can select individual Characters to download, or select groups, such as the standard group selected here:

Next, click on the Fonts tab.  From here, you can select the font type, Size, Width and Style you want to download.  Scroll down the list to locate the font you want to use.  This list will only show the fonts currently installed on your PC.

Next, select the Printer Tab.  Select the printer model you are using.  This list only includes the list of printers you have installed on your PC.  It will only work with the EPL model printers.  See your printer's user guide for more information about the printer programming language, EPL.  Also be sure to select a Font Name and Rotation.  This name will be used to recall the font when you are ready to print and you cannot rotate the font after it is downloaded.

From here, you can click on the Download button as seen above.  The font will be sent directly to the printer, unless you select the Print to File checkbox.  If this box is selected, the font will be sent to a .txt file and you can send it to the printer later, or include it in your EPL format, if required.

For further instructions, download and install the Font Downloader program.  It has detailed Help files to explain the other options of the program.