EPL1 Setup Commands

You must enter set up commands before entering any label formatting commands.  The printer retains the set up commands in its memory until the power is turned off.

Be sure to suppress the carriage return/line feed in the set up string. If you fail to suppress, the printer will print the first line one or more character lines lower than the usual position of the first line on the label.

Note: to enter a non printable character (such as the Esc character) in a DOS Editor, hold down the control key and press the "p" key.  You can then enter the hex value for the character by holding the Alt key and pressing the hex value on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard.  For example, to enter the "Esc" character, press <Ctrl>p then press <Alt>27 (using number keypad).

1.  B Command - Begin Command Buffer

Description:  Use this command to batch print labels or minimize the affects of host system delays.

Command buffering allows:

Syntax EscB

Parameters: None

Default: Command Buffering Off

Use the command with the E command, End Command Buffer.

Command Buffering Rules:

2.  D Command - Density

Description:  Use this command to set print density. This command controls the amount of heat applied to the media by the print head.

Syntax:  EscDp1

Parameters:  p1 =Density setting - Line Mode Printing only!

Range: 0 - 7

The selected density will remain in effect until changed or power is removed.

3.  E Command - End Command Buffer

Description:  Use this command to finish (terminate) command buffering.

Syntax:  EscE

Parameters:  None

Default: Command Buffering Off

4.  EPL? Command - Print Configuration Label

Description:  This command is used to print the current printer configuration. This is the same Dump Mode status printout that is printed by the AutoSense alignment and configuration routine.

Syntax:  EscEPL?

EPL2 Command - Switch To Page Mode

Description:  This command is used to switch the printer from Line Mode to Page Mode (EPL2).

Syntax EscEPL2

Example:  EscEPL2

Note: The EPL2 command OEPL1 (followed by a LF, CR or CR/LF) can be sent to the printer to return the printer to Line Mode operation.

5.  FF - Form Feed

Description:  Use this command to feed to the top of the next form (label).

When in continuous media mode, the printer will advance the printer to the next line unless set to a different value by the N command.

Syntax:  ASCII value 12d (0Ch)  Abbreviation = FF

Parameters:  None

Default - Label (Gap Sense) Mode: Go to Top Of (Next) Form.

6.  M Command - Left Margin

Description:  Use this command to adjust the Left Margin.

By default, the Line Mode printer's outside margins are set to match the maximum printable area for the largest typical label media supported by that printer.

Syntax:  EscMp1

Parameters: p1 =Additional margin in millimeters.

  • 1 millimeter = 0.040" = 8 dots
  • Do not set 2 inch printers to have margin values of greater than 49mm.

Example:  EscM05:set a 5mm left margin

7.  N Command - Form Feed Control

Description:  Use this command to disable automatic form feed (N) or set the form feed length (Nxx) when using continuous media.

Syntax:  EscN[p1]

Parameters:  None = Disables auto form feed in buffer mode.

8.  R Command - Backup

Description:  Use this command to control the print positioning.

This command's positioning functions can:

Syntax:  EscRp1

Parameters:  p1 =Distance in millimeters to backup.

Range: 01 - 25 (1 = 1 millimeter)


Example:  EscR05 :moves the first print line 5mm toward the top edge of the label

9.  S Command - Speed Select

Description:  Use this command to select media print speed.

Syntax:  EscSp1

Parameters:  p1 =Speed select value.