EPL1 Line Mode Printing Examples:

To print in line mode, you first must have a printer compatible with line mode printing. Check your printer specifications for EPL1 compatibility. These are typically a Direct Thermal Desktop model printer. 

Next, you need to download the EPL1 Programming manual.  A thorough understanding of the escape commands listed in the manual and moderate programming skills are necessary to program in line mode.

You will need a text editor capable of showing non-printable characters such as the carriage return, line feed, ESC character, etc.  Many of these programs are available for free or for a small fee from numerous web sites.  Try www.download.com, www.tucows.com, www.zd.net as possible sources.

You can use DOS.  To enter a non printable character in a DOS Editor, hold down the control key and press the "p" key.  You can then enter the decimal value for the character by holding the Alt key and pressing the decimal  value on the numeric keypad on the right of the keyboard.  For example, to enter the "Esc" character, press <Ctrl>p then press <Alt>27 (using number keypad).

Last, you can download several simple EPL1 examples from our web.  Extract the files into an empty directory and open them with either DOS Editor or other Text Editor as described in the paragraph above.  Click here for examples; Example1, Example2. Example 3 Example 4