Title: Alternate method of converting between Line mode and Page mode


Unable to convert Printer from  Line Mode to Page mode using Feed button


Convert Printer from Line Mode to Page mode

Facts or Affected Items: 

Desktop printers with the ability to use both line mode and page mode

LP2844, LP2824, LP2722,  LP2443    LINE MODE,  copy con,   EPL1,   EPL2,  


Printer was in Line mode,  Needed to be in page mode


Alternate method of switching from Line Mode to Page Mode

Determine what port the printer is attached to   This procedure works with printers using the parallel port or the serial port.

Open a DOS command prompt

If attached to the parallel port type in “copy con lpt1”  (followed by the enter key)

If attached to the serial port type in “copy con com1”  (followed by the enter key)

Make sure the NUM LOCK Led is on on the keyboard

Holding the ALT key down enter 27 USING THE NUMERIC KEYPAD

          (You will see ^[“  echoed on your screen)

Type in EPL2  followed by the enter key

          (You will now see ^[EPL2”)

Hold the ALT key down and enter 10 USING THE NUMERIC KEYPAD

Release the ALT key

Hold the ALT key down and enter 13 USING THE NUMERIC KEYPAP     

Release the ALT key

Type in U (capital letter)   followed by the enter key

Hold the CTRL key down and press the Z key  

  Press the Enter key


The printer should print out a configuration label and the printer should now be in page mode


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