Manual Calibration

Manual calibration is recommended whenever you are using pre-printed labels (or label backing) or if the printer will not correctly auto calibrate.

Note: If printing in Direct Thermal Mode, default the printer first (4 flashes).

1. Load the labels and ribbon (if used) and close the printer
2. Turn on the printer power.
3. Allow the printer to feed or error out.
4. Press and hold the feed button until the green status LED flashes once, then twice. Release the feed button.
6. The printer will set the media sensor for the label backing being used and then automatically feed until a label is positioned at the printhead.
7. A profile of the media sensor settings (similar to the example in Figure 1) will print. Upon completion, the printer will save the new settings in memory and the printer is ready for normal operation.
8. Press the feed button. One entire blank label will feed. If this does not happen, try defaulting (Hold the FEED button until it flashes 4 times)

NOTE: Performing a manual calibration disables the auto calibration function. If you use varying label lengths you can set the printer to measure the label length (using the Zebra Driver or the ^MF command) or return to auto calibration by defaulting the printer. (Hold the FEED button until it flashes 4 times)