LP2844 Shipping or Custom Printer Models

If your LP2844 printer has a part number starting with a 120xxx- number it is likely a shipping vendor's printer specifically designed for their shipping application.

The printer's part number is located on the bottom of the printer. This example shows the Part Number to be 120563-001 and identifies this as a shipping vendor specific printer.


If you identify you have a shipping vendor printer

  • Do not load firmware from the Zebra Website

  • Do not use the Zebra Drivers from our Zebra Website

  • Do not try to use the printer for applications other than those supplied but the shipping vendor

Zebra will support the stand alone printing function such as basic printer setup and printing selftest labels.  Technical Support for the shipping software, printer driver, and output from the host device (communications) will be provided from the vendor of origin.

UPS Printers:

UPS Printer Numbers: 120625-xxx, 120725-xxx, 120765-xxx

Support for


Fed-Ex  Printers:

Fed-Ex Printer Number: 120598-xxx, 120599-xxx, 120717-xxx

Support for

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Date Updated:  04/21/2014 09:41:17 AM