Red Light Error

A solid red light error should occur if the labels or ribbon run out.
However, if you are getting a solid red light error even though the printer appears to have ribbon and labels loaded
check to see if the ribbon is properly loaded and labels are still present.

The cardboard spools that the ribbons are wound onto should have two notches cut out on the left side. When installing the ribbon spools onto the printer
make sure the notches in the spools fit snuggly into the corresponding keys that are on the left side ribbon spool holders.
Click here for picture of notches on ribbon spools and keys on ribbon spool holders.

Click here for picture a of improperly loaded ribbon spool.
Click here for picture a of properly loaded ribbon spools.

There is a ribbon sensor and white sprocket wheel on the left side of the ribbon mechanism. If the ribbon is loaded properly the white sprocket wheel
turns and the ribbon sensor detects the wheel is turning and that is how the printer knows that ribbon is present. If the white sprocket wheel stops
during a print job it will trigger a ribbon out (solid red light).
If either the ribbon supply spool or the ribbon take up spool notches are not fitting snuggly onto the ribbon holder keys that would cause the white
sprocket wheel to stop turning, or intermittently slip and turn resulting in a false ribbon out (solid red light).
Click here for picture of ribbon sensor and white sprocket wheel.

Ribbon loading instructions