Installing a Zebra Printer on a **Mac

**Tested on Mac OS X 10.5 - Not Tested on Earlier Versions


1. Go to System Preferences then Print & Fax

2. Click on (+) to add printer

3.Available printer's will appear. Select Zebra printer.

4.Now select dropdown to select a driver . You will have 4 Zebra Options to choose from. Select Zebra ZPL unless printer specifies differently

5. Open up Word then select File and Page Setup

6. In page Setup change Format For to the Zebra Printer and Select Drop Down for Paper Size. You may also want to select your orientation for your layout.

7. Select Manage Custom Sizes.

8.Click on the (+) to add Name to custom Size. I used Sample and a label of 4x6. For Printer Margins Select your Printer and for borders make them all Zero's. Then Click Ok.

9.Word will show you Paper size you created . Now I put Test Print to test. Go to File Print.


10.You have setup your Printer on Mac and Succesfully Printed a test print.