USB Communication

The Universal Serial Bus is one of the most common computer connections available today. It is fast and easy to use if your initial setup is performed correctly.

Note: Do not use a USB adaptor, Splitter, Hub, or converter since the printer may not work reliably. We do have some general information that could be useful but note we do not support these adaptors. Read More>>


Most Zebra Printers use a Type B connection on the printer end and are USB 2.0 compatible. Earlier desktop printers such as LP/TLP28xx,24xx are USB 1.1 compatible. Mobile printers such as the QL or RW use mini USB connectors. Consult your user guide for USB Cable requirements.


Type B Cable


Initial Setup

A Zebra Driver or the Zebra Setup Utility must be installed before connecting via USB and powering on the printer.

  1. Install the Driver or the Zebra Setup Utility on your PC
  2. Connect the printer directly to the USB port on the PC
  3. Power on the printer
  4. The printer should now be available for use or setup for your application

To download the Zebra Setup Utility

The Zebra Driver is available on the Support and Downloads section after you select the printer model.

How it works

When the printer is connected and powered on the PnP string is sent to the host to identify the connecting device. As long as the Zebra Driver or Utility is installed the PnP string will be recognized and the USB port will be created. The port should now be available for your printing application.


Known Issues

A typical error when using Window 7 or Windows 8  is  "Unspecified or Unknown Device Error"  This occurs if you have connected the printer and powered it on before the driver was installed. We have a procedure that addressed this issue. Read More>>