Print Mode Details

Print Mode allows a user to configure the printer for label presentation after printing. The selections a user may have available are based on the printer options and printing application requirements. Some common Print Mode selections are:


Tear Off - Gap or Notch will stop resting at the printer tear bar. The labels are loaded passing out the front of the printer where they can be pulled down to be torn off.
Rewind - Rewind is intended to be used in applications where there is a rewind spindle to rewind printed labels. When using this mode backfeed is eliminated and an additional rewind plate provides a smooth path when labels can be directed to the rewind spindle.
Peel Off - Used if the printer has a peel or label presentation sensor. Label will feed to the peel bar and hold the position until the label sensor detects the label was removed. The labels must be compatible for the passive peel method used since aggressive adhesives or extremely flexible labels may not peel reliably.
Applicator - For printers equipped with an applicator board to synchronize printing with control device signaling
Cutter - Sets the printer for cut mode cutting after each label printed. The labels are loaded though a cutter module where they are cut after printing. Use the Group Quantity value along with Cutter to set a number of labels printed before cut.
Delayed Cut - When the printer is in the Delayed Cut PRINT MODE, it will cut the label when it receives the ~JK (Delayed Cut) command. To activate the ~JK command, the printer's PRINT MODE must be set to Delayed Cut and there must be a label waiting to be cut. When the printer is not in the Delayed Cut PRINT MODE, the printer will not cut the label when it receives the ~JK command. (Note: The application must not have filled the communications buffer with additional labels since the printer will not accept any data and therefore the cut command will not be not received.)
Stream - Introduced for the ZE500 print engine -Limits back feed to the first printed label. The second label will have started printing before the first label stops but will not complete it's print until the next Start Print signal/pulse is received


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