Label Format Creation

To create labels with a Zebra Printer you needs to receive printer programming commands that are either directly written to the printer, created using an application, or use a **Zebra Driver. The printer will not respond to unformatted text if it is in the form of the printer command language.

**Important: If your application produces the printer language output do not use a Zebra Printer Driver since the data will be converted to an image and you'll see the printer codes printed instead of your formatted label.


A printer driver is a functional software that converts an application output into printer language so it can be printed. In effect the drivers allows the application to be used to create the printer images/information without having to understand or manually incorporate it into the printer language.

  • Using an application with a Zebra Driver. This is common in Windows application where the software you are using needs a Zebra Driver to convert the Windows output to the printer language. For example you are using Microsoft Word and you print though the Zebra Driver to convert the output to a printer compatible data stream.
  • Zebra provides a Zebra Designer Diver that can be used with a Windows Application or the Zebra Designer Label program. If you are using other branded Label Development Software or Applications check with the vendor since most use their own application driver and will not function with the Zebra Designer Driver.


Programming Language

Label formats can be created using the printer programming language. These text formats can be communicated directly to the printer or through a generic text file. It is important that the method used to communicate to the printer does not introduce paging information, preambles, or other additional data that would be inserted into the printer programming commands since that could corrupt your label format.

Applications or Label Software

Label formats can be generated by a custom application or Label Software. Most Label Software will have its own driver for use with your printer model. An application may be written and based on how it functions may directly output the printer commands or require a driver. Consult with your developer or software provider for details.