Media and Ribbon Calibrate Procedure
(Black Mark Sensor)

Selecting the MEDIA AND RIBBON menu item allows you to set the media and ribbon sensor sensitivity for the supplies used in the printer. Use this procedure when the printer fails to properly sense media or ribbon in your application.


  1. Assure the ribbon guide plate (snap plate) is properly installed.
  2. Open the printhead and power on the printer.
  3. From the LCD Display, insure Mark is selected for Sensor Type.
  4. From the LCD Display locate the MEDIA AND RIBBON  - CALIBRATION menu item.
  5. Press the "+" key and observe LOAD BACKING - CANCEL CONTINUE displayed.
  6. Move the labels forward until the Black Mark on the backing is over the Red LED (Mark Sensor).
  7. Press the "+" key to continue and observe REMOVE RIBBON - CANCEL CONTINUE is displayed.
  8. Unload the ribbon if necessary and close the printhead then press the "+" key and observe RELOAD ALL - CONTINUE is displayed.

  9. Open the printhead, reload the ribbon and pull the media out the front the Black Mark is no longer over the Red LED (Mark Sensor).

  10. Close the printhead and press the "+" key to continue. The printer will feed labels and the labels will come to rest based on the PRINT MODE. (i.e. In TEAR OFF the Mark  should be over the tear bar.)

  11. Press the FEED button and observe that one label feeds each time stopping in the same place each time.